X – L A B // The Future Lab

Social Innovation game, challenging groups of young people to get together their talents and transform their own communities, neighborhoods and cities through an action journey. In a fast, free, fun and fantastic way.

About This Project

Idealized by Edgard Gouveia Jr. and incubated as the Livelab first youth program and movement, X – L A B : The Future Lab, is a gamified experience and learning journey where groups of young people are provoked to build their own team and create their own social and ambiental transformation actions on their own cities, neighborhoods or communities.


The journey was given as milestones, proposing the groups to create and customize their own journeys. So, they would own the power to create and decide over their actions and missions, partnerships, tools and action subjects and locals. Besides, everything created by them needed to be done fast (with collaboration), free (no money involved), fun (as an adventure) and fantastic (make it beatiful)


For the first pilot program, where chosen 4 different cities in Brazil. São Paulo, Manaus, Maués and Juíz de Fora. Each one of the groups had a different background and characteristics so they could bring plurality on the acting and thinking of the movement.


At the same time, some small actions were done. From that, we created the X – B O X. It was a group of another smaller gamified tools to help the groups in some missions. They were:


X – P I R A: a gamified tool and canvas to ideate and plan social mobilization actions.


X – R A Y: a game to get to know and recognize a community, their people, stories, talents, places, beauties and dreams.


X – P E D I T I O N: a roadmap to bring people from all parts of the city and together with one community make their dreams come true in 2 days.


More information on:

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On the media:

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Project Crédits:

Idealization and Direction: Edgard Gouveia Jr.

Incubation: Livelab

Youth Mobilization, Igniter, Program Coordination and monitoring, Design and Visual Communication: Rui Lira

Design and Production Team: Edgard Gouveia Jr., Carlos Lavieri, Josefina Chud, Camila Batista, Tony Marlon.

Livelab Support Team: Angela Lucas, Fabio Hirayama, Karina Kikuti.


Video Credits:

Text: Tony Marlon

Voice: Carolina Romano

Actress: Nathália Ernesto

Production, Photography, Edition and Post-Production: Rui Lira

Brand Identity, Processes Design, Social Design, Strategic Design and Innovation
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